Dental Cleaning The procedure

Before Dental Cleaning Procedure

Inflammation and infection can build up on your pets gums which can cause tooth decay. It is bacteria that builds up in your pet's mouth and eventually forms tartar that can build up underneath your pet's gum lines.This tartar is evident in this "before" picture above. It is this build-up of tartar that is the basis of periodontal disease.

After Dental Cleaning Procedure

Dental cleanings can help to reverse the progress of the periondotal disease. Sometimes teeth need to be extracted if the disease process has gone too far in some teeth. Decisions on extractions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Dr. Heagy Performing Physical Before Dental

Dental procedures in our pet hospital are all completed under anaesthesia. Periodontal disease affects both dogs and cats. Ask Dr. Heagy or Dr. Cowing whether or not it looks like a dental cleaning is appropriate for your pet.

Additional Services Offered at Animal Cove

Complete in-house Laboratory Available to Our Staff Veterinarians

Our veterinary diagnostic labratory provides our veterinans with the results of lab tests that they will need to discern the presence of infectious agents, toxins and other causes of disease. We have the ability to get results of labratory tests in-house or, if indicated, we can send lab samples to outside veterinary labratory diagnosticians.

Digital X-ray Equipment

With our digital x-ray equipment we are able to get digital images of your pet and analyze the results almost immediately. These images can be saved to our computer systems and can be compared to future x-ray studies if needed. Unlike traditional film-based X-ray imaging where the images can degrade over time, the quality of digital X-rays retain their quality over time. Dr. Cowing and Dr. Heagy are able to share these digital X-ray images with pet owners and are better able to discuss possible treatment solutions with pet owners. Another plus to digital X-ray technology is that the technology is considered more "green" or environmentally friendly.

Veterinary Surgical Suite

Animal Cove has a full veterinary surgery suite with anesthesia monitoring equipment, cardiac monitoring equipment, SP02 monitering, surgical laser equipment.

We also call in board-certified in special cases when needed.