About Dr. Chris Cowing

Practicing Veterinary Medicine Over 40 Years

Chris C. Cowing DVM was elected as the president of the California Veterinary Medical Association in June of 2012 and completed his term in June of 2013. The CVMA is the largest state veterinary medical association in the nation. As president, Dr. Cowing headed up the 15 member Board of Governors to set policy and vision for the association. The advisory body to the Board of Governors is the House of Delegates. The delegates come from 34 constituent associations from throughout the State of California.

The mission of the California Veterinary Medical Association, as stated on their website, is "committed to serving our membership and community through innovative leadership and to improving animal and human health in an ethically and socially responsible manner".

Meet our Team


Veterinary Receptionist

Lynette comes to us from the corporate world. She will greet you with a smile and does the best job possible of keeping the doctor running on time. She can answer your questions about flea products, dental care and your pets special dietary needs.


Veterinary Assistant

Adriana assists the doctors in surgery, puts surgical packs together, helps with dental procedures. She assists with anesthesia and post-surgical care. Adriana can answer your questions on dental care, microchipping your pets and your pets special dietary needs.


Veterinary Assistant

Marilyn clearly loves animals and is a people person as well. Marilyn helps the veterinarians in the treatment room but also works at the reception desk greeting you with a smile. She can answer your questions about what is involved with a dental procedure, questions on flea products and dental care for your pets.


Veterinary Assistant

As a veterinary assistant Jen assists the doctors in surgery, tends to sterilization of surgical and dental tools and assistes with dental procedures. Jen is also very knowledgeable on flea products, microchipping your pet and special diets. Jens background is in wildlife biology and also has an interest in equine veterinary medicine.


Staff Labrador Retriever

Keeping Your Pets Healthy

Additional Veterinary Espertise

Dr. Cowing and Dr. Heagy have many years of experience and the latest in veterinary medical technology to help to keep your pets healthy. They also have years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of canine and feline diseases. When needed, they will call in board certified veterinary professionals that specialize in particular areas of veterinary medicine such as radiology or surgery.

Medicine / Laboratory

Animal Cove has a full range of in-house laboratory and testing equipment. We also have access to outside laboratory testing in case further diagnostics are necessary.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography allows the veterinarian to get very high quality digital images in far less time than it would take to get the same views using traditional film.

Digital X-Ray
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