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Welcome to Animal Cove Pet Hospital

Chris C. Cowing, Veterinarian

Specializing in Small Animal Veterinary Medicine

We are a single practitioner hospital specializing in small animal care, especially dogs and cats. We also work in conjunction with board certified surgeons. Dr. Chris Cowing is active with the California Veterinary Medical association and also active with the Peninsula Veterinary Medical Association. Our veterinary hospital is located on the San Francisco Peninsula in the city of Foster City, due east from San Mateo.

The Latest Technology

We have the latest veterinary tools to diagnose and treat your pet including digital imaging, digital dental x-ray equipment and a laser surgical unit. We have a full range of in-house blood testing equipment, access to further laboratory testing.

Preventative Care

We are also very interested in seeing that your pets get preventative care, including regular vaccinations, helping with special dietary needs, heartworm prevention, HomeAgain® microchips.

We are proud to offer VetSource Home Delivery

VetSource - For home Delivery click here

Home delivery of your pets' medications makes life easier. However, it doesn't always make things safe. Many online pharmacies sell medications that look and sound the same as the ones we prescribe but, in fact, are very different. That creates a scary situation for you and the pets you love.

That's why we're proud to now offer you Home Delivery of your pets medications, from a source you can trust: Animal Cove Pet Hospital.

Our Staff

Many years of experience

Our professional veterinary staff assist Dr. Cowing in a wide range capacities at Animal Cove. They may obtain animal health histories, feed and care for your pets as well as provide specialized nursing care. Our veterinary technician assists in surgical procedures and provides critical care for animals coming out of surgery. Veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants find their jobs challenging, yet rewarding but the common trait is that they love working with animals.